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Regardless of it's business model shift this year, Paprika has always has been about providing users convenience & helping local businesses to grow.

With over 300+ partnering business today and more saturated cashless payment across the country, we thought - maybe it's time for change.


Back in early 2016, the brand language resonated around the language of convenience & rewarding experience - generating high traction when it was introduced to some trendy restaurants & cafes across the town.

As similar competitors arrived, Paprika saw an opportunity to reposition it's brand by streamlining the logotype, creating a sense of purpose on every touchpoints, as well as unleashing an austere version of the original logo to generate brand awareness to mainstream audience.


Like most startups, we question ourselves - what's our mission? What do we want users to feel when they're using with Paprika? How can we make our brand more future-proof? Despite its' major business model shift, Paprika has always been about helping people to save & enjoy convenience of paying everywhere.

We focused our campaign of new features by partnering with some popular coffee shops - providing users the opportunity to claim free drinks at designated stores while learning about it. Rewards in the form of points were also awarded to users who shared their experience on Instagram.


So we focused on the fundamental drivers of the platform - providing users a simple experience to pay and earn rewards when doing so. We explored variety of brands in the similar line of business & we noticed a trend whereby major brandsrefreshed their identities by reducing the original forms into bare shapes - eg. Mastercard rebranding.

We simplified the original fruit icon into a simpler, digital space friendly version of the spice, with minor adjustments. The result is a more consistent, upright looking of the brand identity that can be clearly reproduced on any medium. Three colors were used to represent each product: Firewatch for User, Teal for Business & Space Grey for Outlet.

The iterations of the final look.


To add some visual flair, we also redefined the visual styleguide with more consistent, regulated design system across print & digital space. Source Sans Pro was selected for its' robustness & legibility on lower-resolution Android devices, while iOS version retained SF UI (SF Pro as Apple released 11), while retaining same margin calculations across the layouts.


The identity was also consistently replicated on t-shirts, identifier stickers, carousel ads, banners & more.

BONUS: AD (Mid-2016)

We did produce a video last year to highlight how Paprika can helps you to collect points by showing your QR Code. Half a year later, we pivoted and is now serving over 70k users & 300 outlets.

Feel free to check it out here.

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