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The demand of healthy living has been on the rise for the past few years as people started to be conscious about their wellness. On the other hand, it's difficult for the working population & fitness freaks to decide what to eat on daily basis. Foodle wants to solve the problem by connecting chefs, drivers & consumers to establish a network of healthy meal service.


Foodle aims to create a tight-knit group of chefs (who act as the meal providers), drivers (who are delivering goods from Point A to B, just like Uber) and consumers through geolocation.

By emphasizing on flexibility on the amount & ingredients of meals, both chefs / restaurants & consumers can agree on certain price points before the meal is prepared. This create a one-of-a-kind traditional market experience which other similar apps didn't provide.


Foodle attempts to source food dynamically from chefs at home, caterers, directly from restaurants or indirectly from other food delivery providers. Foodle is a guided app that presents the best and most options for the customers need, taste and Budget. The platform allows chefs and restaurants to dynamically adjust pricing and availability based on demand, while adjusting driver compensation in high demand times, prioritizing our customers first.

Based on Wall Street Research Paper, takeout & delivery market worldwide is approximated at around $70 billion, in which 13% are online transactions in the States alone. According to Statista, 24% of US citizens preferred to order takeouts up to 3x a week.


Foodle saw an opportunity to fill in the gap at the current takeout industry - all currently operating business models such as Ubereats, Grubhub & Deliveroo excluded non-restaurant chefs/suppliers, not to mention array of issues such as painful navigation & long wait times.

To differentiate Foodle from the rest, the CAC strategy is focusing the marketing effort exclusively for “foodies” and health conscious people, and aims to introduce a more social and efficient way to enjoy food, via the Foodle Eatlist!

Individuals will now also be able to view all varieties of eateries and skilled chefs that can make meals that are otherwise relatively harder to get. Users can also subscribe and get lunch delivered automatically to their workplace, dinner to their home, matching their taste, dietary needs and budgets.

A successful execution will disrupt three major sub-markets in the food industry: the frozen food isles, commercialized catering, and health driven concepts.

Some presumably, sketchy looking Experience Map for the app.


To improve the experience of ordering food online, the app uses geolocation to record consumer's location & populate the options with nearby restaurants. Once the app verifies the location, user can set off his/her budget & dietary preferences right from the start to further filter the number of chefs available to provide the aforementioned meal demand.

Once a deal is made, the chef will notify the user that the meal is being prepared - which the user can live-track from the app. Payment can be made through in-app credit and credit cards. A subscription feature will allow end-users to subscribe to get meals from their entire eatlist or its sublists with a preset time, and budget limit, removing the most stressful element of food ordering which is indecisiveness in item selections.


Like many food delivery service, hygiene can be a concern for both parties. Apart from restaurants, all personal chefs that operate outside a restaurant must be approved by a health and hygiene team to ensure consistent quality across all providers. The app is currently on pending for development.

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